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    Nail Art

    Chocolate fondue nail art 🍫

    Hey hey hey ! こんにちは !  How are my lovelies cream puffs ?  You know what ? My blog is 1 year old ! 🎉 🎂 Yaaaaay  It’s crazy how time flies ! At first, i only knew i wanted…

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    Kawaii food #2 Omurice ~

    Hello my sweet cream puffs !  I’m so happy to write this post cause today i talk about kawaii food (again ) Just my favourite things  Among the popular Japanese dishes that I love,…

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    Nail Art

    Summer feeling Nail art ☼

    Hellooow ! Annyeong !  iiiiiiiiiiii sorry for not beeing too much here these days, well you’re still going great without me i feel like abanding you haha well i admit i’m so lazy since it’s summer    So…

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    Tea time with cute pancakes

    *sigh* me and sweet food ! It’s like a drama, « i love you but i can’t » « stop bothering me, i am on a diet » « oh what the hell, we live once »  We…

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    Nail Art

    Ice cream nails

    Hey dolly dolls !  How’s your princess life ?  So it was a few days ago, I was suddenly inspired and I told myself that I would take one hour during my show (I am re-watching…

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    Fashion wishlist #2 Socks !

    Hello dolls ! ^^ Today is about fashion and especially  about accessories !   I mean Socks !! (dam dam daaaam) désolé mais j’étais obligé  In France we don’t really like to show our socks,…